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115 in a European/international context

115 is a project for the Federal Republic of Germany in which all levels of government (federal, state and local) work together.

Other countries in Europe and beyond already have their own single public service numbers.

Spain (060) and France (3939) have central telephone numbers for public administration services. Numerous U.S. cities, including New York, offer similar services under the 311 phone number.

In comparison to these services in other countries, however, it should be noted that 115 is much more comprehensive: The service numbers in other countries involve only one level of government, while the 115 number for Germany covers services at federal, state and local level.

The eGovernment Competence Center (IFG.CC) in Potsdam was commissioned to carry out a study on international public service telephone numbers. This study provides an overview of all public service numbers in Europe for the first time.
In essence, the study shows all EU Member States

  • potential for innovation by identifying good practices, and
  • identified and derived potential for Europeanization of single government service telephone numbers.

The study can serve the EU Member States as an initial framework for orientation and the basis for long-term, cross-border collaboration.

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